A no-ordinary drink designed for you: clear but with surprising flavor, a healthy drink with very low sugar content! What makes B’lue stand out from the other kinds of drinks is that within this clear water appearance hides awesome flavor from fruits plus numerous benefits from the 3 types of B vitamins! Not only does B’lue help kill thirst, it also provides the refreshment from its surprising flavor and playful energy to make you feel more alive.

B’lue answers the New Gen’s need for a healthy drink that will not make you feel guilty and burn away the calories later in the day. B’lue delivers the perfect flavor that will surely refresh and uplift you every time.

A revolutionary drink, clear appearance yet packed with surprising experience. B’lue, the drink for the New Gen’s lifestyle that disregards the ordinary and instead embraces new experiences filled with challenges and enjoyment.

With its ‘Trendy’ and ‘Young’ design, B’lue enables you to be more ‘Cool’! Feel more refreshed, alive, and get surprised by its flavor when drinking B’lue!